Yep, so we chose today.  The day when our country in on pins and needles waiting to see who our next president will be we thought, “Let’s just get this blog life started!”.  Perhaps, a quick break from all the noise would be welcome.

We just want to say a quick thank you to kick this thing off.  Thank you for taking the time to come and support this new venture we’re taking on as a family.  Some of you may know that I, Marquita launched a blog a few months back.  I believe it was the stepping stone to prep us for where we are now.  I’ve moved the handful of posts that were there to this blog where they will now live.

We’re thrilled to begin this journey together with you.  We’re just a crazy little family doing our best to walk out life in love, and we hope you feel that from us as you experience what we’re doing here.  We’ll all be involved so you can expect everything from recipes, to reviews, to discussions on race relations.  We don’t claim to be “experts” on any of them but it’s all important to us and we have lots to share.  Our goal is for you to find this a positive resource/love letter that adds something to your day and speaks in to your life.

Click here to get a quick sense of the journey up until now.

I’ll close it out with another big thank you… let the games begin!



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