Why I shut down my blog after two months

So, after months of research, mapping and planning things out I launched,” Marquita Creates” – the blog. As I mentioned in that blog, it was something I felt called to, and while nervous. I was super excited to pull the chord and soar on out in to the interwebs. I figured out hosting, purchased a theme, chose design elements, and put up a handful of posts when things, as they so often do for me, took a turn. I loved writing for the blog, I loved the decipline of it, and I loved sharing. The blog was personal in nature and my intention was share about my life as an actor/writer first and sprinkle in some home life stuff as a wife and mom. But, here’s the deal, at the end of the day I realized while I still have goals to conquer and things to share about life in the entertainment world, really, my first priority is my family. I’m a homeschoolin’, meatloaf makin’, sideline screamin’ mom, married to the best man ever, who occasionally works in television both in front of and behind the camera.

As the weeks went on, the focus for the blog seemed to veering away from the original plan. My glamorous Hollywood life wasn’t making the cut.  Conversations with the hubs began sparking new inspiration and ideas about the direction and we realized how amazing it would be to take this thing on together and even include the kids.  This felt right, even more so than” Marquita Creates” did.  I’ve just identified a certain way for so long, it was just natural to start the way I did, until I realized that actually, the more natural choice for me was to be super honest with myself and switch it up.  While it can often be challenging, sometimes we just have to be willing to let go of a thing in order to get the better things to come.  It seemed crazy to shut down a blog before giving it any chance at all but at the same time it was perfect because I didn’t have much to lose.  Either way, it requires stepping out in faith once again, being stretched once again, and trusting once again.  It usually works out that, the crazier it seems, the more reason to do it.  I have to believe that if you feel called to make a change in life, you’ll find that you’ll also be equipped to handle that change.  So…onward.


The hubs, TJ (stands for Ted Jr.), and I feel passionately about marriage, family, race relations, and faith. At the same time I love to create, write, and cook, while he is an amazing singer/songwriter with a deep hunger for knowledge. Our kids are balls of energy full of strong opinions and personality so we felt that this could be a perfect platform to marry all of that together and throw it on out to the world. So you can expect, every day life stuff, work stuff, music, food, travel, and insights.  I tend to be more light-hearted in nature while TJ, has a tendency to want to tackle things that can be heavier in nature, hence That “Other Ted” Talks coming soon…you’ve been warned. 😁  The kids, well, they’re having a blast sharing their opinions in “What We Think”, kid reviews.  I also wrote, produced and appear in a web series, Work In Progress,  with my BFF, Kristen Miller from the days of USA High, that I’m super proud of, so we threw that up here too!

Our hope is that we, as a family, can bring some encouragement, love, knowledge, and smiles. One of the words that keeps popping into consciousness for us these days is “community”. We feel it’s what’s needed and it’s what we hope to create a sense of.  We’re are by no means perfect and are figuring things out as we go.  This marriage and family thing is a team effort and while we’ve been blessed with some awesome coaches to glean great wisdom from, life is fluid, ever changing and so are we.  There’s always more to learn.

So, once again, I appreciate your patience with me and my artsy fartsy ways.  Thanks so much to those who read Marquita Creates.  You’ll notice I moved most of the content from my short stint there to this platform.  I hope you’ll come along with us on this journey.  I gotta say, I really think you should because us Laniers are better together and we have some really good stuff in store!


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