A Simple Plan To Follow Thru On Your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION

Happy New Year!  Congratulations, we made it.  2016 wasn’t easy but we pulled through and now here we are in this new year filled will promise and possibility.  As homeschoolers, creatives, and entrepreneurs with big dreams for this year, we can’t afford to not have a solid strategy towards getting things done, so we’re taking a different approach this year.  I’m super artsy, TJ however as a musician/entrepreneur is a lovely combination of art and business so we’re coming together in this post to introduce our plan for tackling 2017 like a Boss. We hope it will be helpful to you in how you consider your goals for the new year.  Now the hubs is going to do what he does and come ‘atcha with stats and facts…

According to 47% of Americans “usually” make a New Years resolution. After one week 25% of those people have already failed. Less than half make it to the six month mark. I wonder how many people don’t even bother making resolutions because of the inevitability of failure. As I think back over the years I literally cannot recall a single New Year’s resolution that twelve months later I was able to look back and see any kind of lasting change. I know I intend to carry them out. I am simply incapable of naming one that I did which led me to some questions. Is there a better way? A path to actual long lasting change. Are we over complicating this notion of change?
In business it is very difficult to be successful if you don’t have a plan with budgets, projections, deadlines and more. Why don’t we look at our personal goals the same way businesses do? What if we took our New Year’s resolutions and put them into a more business like plan of action with smaller bite sized pieces that we can really implement. This year we have decided that instead of a random New Year’s resolution we are going to create a simple plan that is easy to track with realistic goals that are attained one calendar quarter at a time. We thought breaking out resolutions into quarters the way businesses do would help us to not feel overwhelmed. The idea behind quarterly goals is to make sure none of us end up becoming one of the statistics. One quarter at a time we are going to make small yet significant changes so at the end of the year when we look back we will see our progress towards a lifelong goal.

First step is to ask a couple of simple but important questions.

1. What is the year end goal?

2. Why is this goal important?

These two questions will provide the motivation in March when a New Year’s resolution feels like it’s a million miles away. In those times of doubt you can look back and remind yourself what you are trying to achieve and why this is important to you. The last question is how. How can you take a goal that will take a year to fully instill into your everyday life and whittle it down to a quarterly process that will lead to the longer term result. These three questions will be our guide for 2017 so that each one of us can finally finish our New Year’s resolutions like a boss. Introducing our Lanier Family Q1-Q4 New Year’s Resolution Business Plan!


Ok, the areas in which we want to make tweaks and changes in the way we run our house are no different than most.  We have dietary, fitness, business, relationship, and spiritual goals for this new year.  Here’s an example of the system we’re implementing for a couple of goals by taking things one quarter (Q1) at a time.

Q1 Goals:  January – March

Diet and Nutrition:

What is the long term goal?

  • To eat less sugar, cleaner, healthier, whole foods. To cook more complete meals from scratch, and have more energy throughout the day.

Why is it important?

  • We experienced more loss, concern, and stress over loved ones due to things like cancer and diabetes than I care to remember in recent years. It’s a wake up call for how I want to approach choosing foods for the family. We do fairly well, but there’s room for improvement and that’s what I’m going for this year.

How can this be broken down into manageable/maintainable actions? Q1 Goal:

  • I received a super cute water bottle from my sister in law for Christmas that holds about a liter of water.  I’d like to drink at least 3 of them a day.
  • Map out the weekday dinners. I would be setting myself for instant failure to say that I’m going to be a full on “meal prep” person, but what I can do is plan the foods I intend to cook that week  and shop accordingly. Whenever I’ve done this, it’s saved time and money. It also reduces stress because there’s no scrambling for dinner ideas.  I know what foods are available to me, have all I need to prepare them, and do so. Why I don’t do this more regularly now is beyond me.
  • I don’t always have breakfast, so I’d like to at least start my day with smoothies that include fruits, greens, and a protein supplement.


What is the long term goal?

  • Okay, real talk? I would simply like to skip up a flight of stairs without getting winded, or perhaps wake up in the morning and not feel like a character in an 80’s movie where I’ve somehow switched bodies with that of a ninety year old.
  • To be able to touch my toes without bending my legs (don’t judge, it’s always been strength over flexibility for me).
  • That said, I’d also like to get my strength back. 😁

Why is it important?

  • As a woman of a certain age it’s just become more important that I take better care of myself.  It’s time to stop resting on the “illusion of fitness” I’ve had going on and really get fit for my overall health.

How to break it down into maintainable actions using our quarterly business model: Q1 Goals:

  • Look, it’s about the baby steps so I’d be thrilled if I worked out regularly two to three times a week to start.  TJ was recently introduced to a Youtube channel run by a really great couple, called Fitness Blender. They take a super optimistic and sensible approach to fitness so we intend to try that.
  • We’re homeschoolers but, the kids often take outside classes.  This semester I will have a perfect opportunity to visit our gym which is really close to where the kids take their classes.  I intent to explore classes, use weights, and build cardio endurance.
  • Take 10-15 minutes, 3-5 days a week to stretch  in the morning.

That’s pretty much how we’re using this plan for our family.  We have professional goals that include  Marquita writing and shopping scripts, my return to writing and producing music, building my business, and growing this blog together.  We also have ways we want to grow in our marriage and spiritually as a family but the point is not to just list all of our goals but give YOU a starting place in taking on your own resolutions one quarter at a time.

New Year’s eve gives all of us an oppurtunity to reflect on the year past and look forward hopefully at the year to come. We want to take steps towards long term change in our lives but wisdom tells us if we take on more than we can bare it will crush us before we begin. This year let’s all keep it simple, a handful of goals. We tackle them one quarter at a time. We build on our progress without beating ourselves up for any shortcomings. We just keep going. Believing that all of our pitfalls, missteps and victories are leading us to a better place. We believe in you! We can do this! Q1 of 2017 has begun so let’s put our plan together and go get er’ done!

We put together a really easy to follow, step by step planning system. Sign up for our newsletter or email us at  and we will send you a blank copy. Fill in the blanks and use it as a guide to keep moving forward. Please keep us abreast of your progress. We can help each other. Let’s make 2017 the first step in an amazing 2018 and beyond.







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