Let me just throw out there, this is not a sponsored post or anything of the like.  I mean we’ve been blogging for fifteen minutes, The Children’s Place has no idea we exist, nor have we gone down any affiliate roads.  I’m just a genuine fan who geeks out on saving them benjamins, enough to dedicate an entire post to the store. I don’t think I’m unique in enjoying a great deal, so if your family is anything like mine in that way, you might want to check them out.   I love dressing the kids, and twice a year we do a super intentional shopping trip where we load up on casual clothes for the season. We do one for “back to school” in the fall and the other in the spring approaching the summer months. My favorite place to do this has become, The Children’s Place and while I don’t mind a good trip to the mall, my favorite way to do it is online.  I sit with the kids at my computer and they help to pick out what they like. Now, I will warn you…once you have an online account with them, you WILL be sent about 2,000 emails a day with “can’t miss” , “doorbuster ”, and “limited time only” deals. Don’t fall for that, the deals have proven themselves to be quite “UNlimited” to me actually.  Just when you think you’ve missed the sale of the century, along comes a new one, using different language but very similar savings in your inbox.


I do feel that we get the most bang our buck for every day play clothes at The Children’s Place. When they’re having one of their deal-a-paloozas,, which again, seems to be always, you get t-shirts for $4-$6, super cute jeans for $7-$9, leggings, and jammies, and sweaters “OH MY!”.  Last winter we stocked up on long sleeved t-shirts and then when summer came we cut all the sleeves off. Boom, money saved on the warm weather wardrobe and the kids got to really feel themselves while flexing the guns, WINNING!


This season, babygirl got a super cute winter coat for $30 (50% off the original price). See, the trick is, nothing is ever really the price it’s marked because there’s always a massive sale.   You also have the option of becoming a “member” which gives even more incentives such as “points” that translate into savings.  Of course, the more you shop, the more points to get, which leads to more savings, blah blah. While I’m fully aware of the sales tactics being used, I don’t care, I’m a total sucker for it all.  I choose rather, exactly like they planned, to feel like a genius getting deals all over the place.  As a result, my kids are suited up in cute comfy clothes that they love and aren’t too precious for them to live life and play in. That’s important because my kids are rough and tumble.  They love creating, adventures, collecting bugs, and most anything that makes them feel like mini- American Ninja Warriors. The clothes have always managed to out last whatever ridiculousness my children put them through. Most outfits are mix and match and they have a fun variety when it comes to the graphic t’s. Our daughter gravitates to anything with animals or that states her strength as a girl . There’s also a decent amount diversity in the characters depicted featuring girls of all shades, and even curly hair which we all appreciate. The boy isn’t picky but he likes anything sports related, especially if it in some way boasts about skills he can claim as his own like, “Game on Fire”, or “Legends are made on the field”, as he is in fact “a legend” in his own mind. Our kids are not lacking confidence, that’s for sure.


So, if you’re looking to dress your kids without breaking the bank, it’s definitely worth checking out The Children’s Place, in my humble opinion. They even have Target beat for me on this one and who doesn’t love Target?! Each season we can really hook the kids up, often for less than $100 each. It might run just a bit higher for winter if we’re getting outerwear and sweaters, but still I’ll take it.  I can shop with confidence, quickly, easily, and painlessly, and as a busy mom it checks all the boxes for me.  I don’t think you can lose with a $4 price point.


The current sale situation…


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