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Rather than have you read a thesis about who we are, we put together this two minute video made of crudely shot home videos from the days when we had a little handheld video camera and phones weren’t all that smart.  It hits all the bullet points and pretty much gives you the gist of how our family get’s down…Don’t have 2 minutes? All good, here it is:

  • Hannah & Zion: Big sis, little bro, 20 months apart, besties, big hams, pretty awesome student/athletes
  • Marquita: Wife, Mom, writer, actor, artsy fartsy creative type
  • TJ (Ted Jr): Hubs, Dad, singer/songwriter/teacher/preacher

Some of the latest on the family:

We’re 12 years in to the whole marriage thing, still head over heels. Our hope is to spread a little love and encouragement, along with some information and laughs along the way.  Thanks so much for hanging out with us, we appreciate you!

Be blessed!




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