5 Secrets to a Happy Life via Happy Wife

A bunch of comedians you single men are. When I say I can’t go watch the game at Hooters on a Tuesday night and your response is “Happy wife, happy life huh?” the answer is “yes homie”. It’s not whether or not she would be happy or unhappy.  It’s all about how you go about it. I went out for a couple of my friends birthdays last week. We stayed out until one in the morning playing Sega Grand Prix at Dave and Busters. Not only was my wife cool with it she encouraged me to go.

After years of immaturity I have finally learned that before I roll out with my dad swagger, it’s in everyone’s best interests that I make sure the house is correct and she is taken care of.   Does that mean I clean the house before I got out?  Maybe, I do whatever is helpful in getting the atmosphere in my house “correct” before I leave it.  Once my wife and my kids are good, deuces, I’m out. Old married guys tried telling me when I was a 24yr old kid recently engaged and floating on euphoric dreams of sex and vacations that getting married is unlike anything else on Earth.

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