3 Truths That Help Me Be A Kinder Father

The prehistoric days of Dad’s coming home from work to drink martinis and read the paper are gone. Long gone. I remember TV shows where the Dad barely looked up from his lounge chair as the children said good night. These mythological beings only spoke to scold or reprimand these small creatures who did nothing more than devour the family fortune. Well I got news for you.

These mythological beings are dead. Now is the dawn of a new day. The dawn of the “kind dad”. The false ideology of discipline and toughness has been completely disproven by little things like research and studies. There is zero evidence that yelling, beating or bullying a child creates a long term benefit to the adult version of that child. Truth is, kids are sort of like puppies. You can yell at them all you want but they dont actually understand what is happening.

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