Back to School…At Home

Well, it’s that time again! Back to school! It’s glorious right? Well…let’s hope. My kids are homeschooled. For those with questions it means…they go to school at home. See what a good teacher I am. It was a decision the hubs and I came to when our daughter was in kindergarten. She’d attended a private preschool for years and it was lovely but costly. Attending kinder there would be a stretch; especially with little bro soon entering preschool right behind her.

So, we enrolled in our neighborhood school. It had a solid rating, was minutes away, and seemed quite adorable at the Open House. Ummm, long story short, let’s just say, it didn’t work out and we pulled her out after six months. She stayed home the rest of that year and we explored options for first grade. Of the choices we had, we felt continuing on the path of “homeschooling” was where we were called to be, and so the adventure began.

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