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Having been an actor for most of my adult life, being on set, while always exciting is nothing new for me.  However, being on set and working with my daughter is brand new a highlight.  Recently Hannah and I had the most amazing mother-daughter day ever!  We...

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Just do it! One of the biggest joys of entering the fabulous forties has been MAMMOGRAMS!!! Hooray. Ladies, check yourselves out, get your mammograms, get them regularly, and on time. Stay on top of it, but its no trip to Disneyland, that's for sure. I had on...

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Our take away from the USATF Junior Olympics 2018

The last week of July marked the week of the USATF Junior Olympics 2018 and Hannah had qualified for the second time in the Long Jump.  However, unlike the previous year when the games took place in Sacramento, CA, they were being held in Greensboro, North Car...

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Family Field Trip to the LA County Arboretum

This day was one for the books for so many reasons.  The nephews were still visiting from Texas so we thought another must see was the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden.  I'd been told there were peacocks roaming free, surrounded by all kinds o...

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Welcome to our creative playground on the web.  I'm Marquita, you may know me from that one show that one time and this is my little family.  Together we hope to bring a little joy to your day while sharing some of our favorite things.  Stay a while...enjoy!


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